Medieval Writing
Humanistic scripts
  • book hands
    • humanistic display script (15th century copy of Aristotle, Latin) Scribe's colophon from a 1451 copy of the Politics and Economics of Arixstotle, in an exquisite humanistic display script. With paleography exercise.
    • humanistic display script (15th century book of hours, Latin) Calendar page from a tiny late 15th century Italian book of hours, showing that beautiful writing was not confined to posh books. With paleography exercise.
    • humanistic minuscule (15th century copy of St Augustine, Latin) Very fancy page from a late 15th century copy of De Civitate Dei by St Augustine, in a neat and rather mannered humanistic minuscule. With paleography exercise.
    • humanistic minuscule (16th century book of hours, Latin) The Obsecro te prayer from a 16th century book of hours. The humanistic minuscule script is no longer based on handwriting models, but awkwardly copies the letter forms of movable type. With paleography exercise.


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