English Calendar If your husband keeps carting Cheney's Handbook of Dates off to his office, you can use this online database to check regnal years, find out the date of Easter in a particular year or check out saints' feast days.

Medieval Calendar Calculator This calendar program generates a calendar in graphic format showing the days of the week, feast days, Roman dating, Golden Number and Dominical Letter from your entry of a year and a month. Very handy.

Calendar Tools A converter which takes a date either in modern format or kalens, nones, ides format and converts it into a range of medieval forms. Unfortunately it doesn't work the other way.

Easter Dating Method For the technically minded, this site explains the procedure for dating Easter from 326 to 4099 AD, with a little history of how Easter dating methods evolved. It is produced by the Astronomical Society of South Australia. Who says medieval history and rocket science don't mix?

Patron Saints Index An exceedingly useful resource with profiles of various patron saints, a calendar with a large selection of saints and image galleries. Very handy for finding out about some of those odd saints in the medieval calendars.

Book of Days A brief and spare site with a listing of saints' and feast days of the church.

ARTFL Project: Multi-lingual Bible A searchable Bible in multiple versions, including the Latin Vulgate. Handy for identifying those little passages.

Old English to Modern English Translator A sort of Old English dictionary without tears that just might help.

Online Dictionary Anglo-Saxon A listing of several Old English dictionaries, as well as some other Anglo-Saxon resources. Some of the links actually end you up ultimately at the same dictionary, so it is not quite so diverse as it looks.

Middle English Compendium As well as providing a large number of Middle English texts, this site hosts a Hyperbibliography and a Middle English Dictionary, both now available freely to all web users.

Gallica From the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, this site contains, among its many resources, numerous historic French dictionaries. As these are mostly scanned in as PDF files, it can be a bit clunky to use, but it beats making a trip to Paris to look up a few old words. Well, maybe it doesn't beat it, but it is cheaper.

ITALATIN A set of links to a long list of Latin dictionaries, translators' tools and general resources for dealing with Latin texts. You can also get professional translations done through here.

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid From the University of Notre Dame, a simple search box for finding Latin words in a database, with loads of links to other Latin language resources. If you get terminally desperate, you can even find out where to hire a translator.

Babylon: Latin English Dictionary This site gives free access to several Latin dictionaries and word lists. The same commercial provider sells dictionary software, but also provides free access to a range of Language dictionaries through Babylon: Free Dictionaries and Encyclopedias.

Glossa: a Latin Dictionary Another Latin dictionary, with a simple entry form to put a word into a text box, but it can be downloaded to your desktop for constant reference.

Quintus' Latin Translation Service A retired Head of Classical Languages at The Cheltenham Ladies' College, England can provide inexpensive Latin translations for you.

The National Archives in London also keeps a list of independent researchers who will do such things as translation work on commission. Fossick around their site to find them.

Latin Word List This simple medieval Latin word list in a single long plain vanilla text file appears on several websites since it was released for general use with the blessing of its academic owner. This particular source has good medieval street cred.

Enigma A useful tool for Latin paleographers. If you are stuck on one or two difficult letters in a word, or just can't untangle those rows of minims, you can type the word into a text box with wildcard characters and it will come up with a list of suggestions for you.

Saxo Grammaticus If you are very, very scholarly and also colourblind you may be able to use this genuinely medieval medieval Latin dictionary, with Latin instructions, on a canary yellow background. Donovan meets Bede.

The Anglo-Norman On-Line Hub From Aberystwyth and Swansea Universities, this site contains an Anglo-Norman dictionary among other things.

Abbreviationes Introduction to and advert for a computerised dynamic dictionary of 60,000 medieval Latin abbreviations. Licensed users can now consult it online.

Lexicon Abbreviaturum This is a scanned book by Adriano Capelli, published in 1928, and is a dictionary of Latin abbreviations, with graphic images to show exactly how the abbreviation marks are made. It is on a German language site, but if you don't read German, just click on the appropriate alphabet letter in the navigation sidebar, and navigate through the section using the "Vorige Seite" (previous page) and "Nächste Seite" (next page) buttons. The main dictionary content is self-explanatory. Maybe not as comprehensive as the above site, but it is free.

Dictionnaire des abréviations françaises A nice simple dictionary of French language medieval abbreviations, part of the Thèleme paleographical website.

Latin Place Names A simple list of modern equivalents of Latin place names in early printed books. Just plain useful.

ORBUS LATINUS online Another plain list of Latin place names in Europe, with their variants and modern equivalents, from a book written in 1909 by Dr J. G. Th. Graesse. This is just a plain vanilla alphabetical list, but a useful thing to have available.

A Small Collection of Medieval Onomastic Articles Whatever you think this might mean, it actually refers to articles about medieval personal names. The presentation is plain vanilla, but it could prove useful if you want to know whether the name you thought you have read actually existed.

List of Prices of Medieval Items A modest text page with lists of prices at particular dates, derived from listed secondary sources. This is a Society for Creative Anachronisms site, as reflected in the fantasy page design.

Medieval manuscripts: A Finding guide From Cornell University, a guide to finding medieval manuscripts in libraries and archives, on microfilm or in digital editions.

Cumbrian Manorial Records This site provides a guide to the use of manorial records, especially those in Cumbria, but there is plenty of more generally applicable useful information.

Research Guidance From Nottingham University, this site includes sections on using archives, dating documents, weights and measures, accounting, deeds, manorial documents, and maps and plans. It is well illustrated with images of documents.

Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations A very comprehensive interactive map with many selectable categories to display. The captions can be difficult to read against the coloured background, and the base map has a somewhat unsettling projection, but there is a mass of material here.

DIGMAP: Discovering Past Worlds with Digital Maps Provides access to digitised versions of old maps and related resources. There is sparse information supplied on the site about the maps.


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