Themed Works

Northvegr Foundation Large numbers of text and language resources for the study of Northern European pre-Christian culture, in a site with a strange neo-spiritualist tinge. Useful for many text resources even if you are not a neo-pagan.

The Camelot Project Everything you wanted to know about the Arthurian Literature but were too afraid to ask.

The Robin Hood Project The Robin Hood ballads with all kinds of background material about the characters and when they appeared.

CELT - Corpus of Electronic Texts An online resource for works of Irish history, literature and politics.

Medieval Irish Poetry A portal site for various works of this genre, as well as related resources.

Medieval Diplomatic and the "Ars Dictandi" Texts and translations, with scholarly footnotes, of a large set of texts, all relating to the ars dictandi, or art of writing legal documents. There is also a small number of literary texts, and a collection of model letters. An esoteric resource available at the click of a mouse.

De Re Militari The Society for Medieval Military History has produced this plain and minimalistically designed site which contains a multitude of primary texts relating to medieval matters military.

Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum You know they're serious when they put their title in Latin. This is a set of plain vanilla text files of writings in Latin on the subject of music theory and aesthetics from the middle ages to the 17th century. For conscientious musos with attitude.

Texts on Music in English A complement to the above, using English language texts.

Medieval Logic and Philosophy A set of original texts and teaching materials in pdf format (Acrobat reader required), and lots of links on the subject.

Monumenta Germaniae Historica - Digitale Bibliothek Links to various digital projects on manuscripts ancestral to this gigantic printed German compilation of historic writings.

The Crusades This Canadian site has a range of resources about the crusades, including a set of relevant manuscript images, texts and now comes in an English version.

Medieval Women Writers An apparently seriously unfinished project to present excerpts from works of medieval women writers in Latin, French and Occitan, with fancy multiframed versions and translations. Last updated in 2000 with only a few examples present.

An Analytic Bibliography of On-Line Neo-Latin Texts A large link list to late medieval and early modern Renaissance and humanistic texts in Latin.

Bibliotheca Latina Intratext Links to various Latin literature resources, Classical, Medieval and later.

Bibliotheca Augustana A collection of texts of Latin works, including ancient Classics, medieval and modern. The whole site is in Latin, the navigation is a little sparse, and the authorship of the site is a mystery, but there is a large collection of texts.

LacusCurtius A collection of Classical texts by ancient authors which are otherwise difficult to find online.

Records of Early English Drama (REED) A site from the University of Toronto which concerns itself with English drama, such as the mystery plays, with links to texts of the plays.

Medieval and Renaissance Drama A work in progress presenting the texts of a number of significant plays, currently in simple text format, but with more ambitious plans afoot. Teksten A Dutch language site which links to works of medieval Dutch literature, with background information on works and authors. If you don't read Dutch, there are lots of lovely pictures from Dutch medieval manuscripts.

Cindy Renfrow An author of books on medieval cooking and brewing has produced this large compilation of links to e-texts of old culinary and brewing works.

Medieval Food From the British Library, this site has a brief introduction with links to segments from some medieval cookbooks, with nice illustrations.

Old Cook Despite the name, a French language site with articles and links to numerous ancient and medieval recipe books..

Medieval Cookery More medieval recipes and cookery texts, as well as a dictionary of Middle English cooking terms.

Bibliotheca Astrologica Latina Numerica From the Warburg Institute, a collection of electronic texts on medieval astrology, in pdf format so you will need an Acrobat reader.

Medieval and Modern Thought Text Digitization Project From Stanford University, a collection of text files of selected works of primary and secondary sources in the philosophical subject area, downloadable in pdf format.

Full-text Resources for 'Dark Age' History A collection of primary source texts for the 5th to 7th centuries in Britain.

Cartularium - in Monastic Matrix A large selection of texts of primary sources relating to women's religious communities. There are many other resources relating to women's religious communities on this site.


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