Seals and Heraldry

Medieval Seals A fascinating online exhibition of a more neglected corner of medieval manuscript studies, seals, illustrated from modern facsimiles of the originals, from the Library of the Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame.

Medieval Seals This time from Durham University Library, an exhibition with images of a large set of medieval seals, and commentary on the documents to which they are attached.

History Box This site, produced by a former head of seal conservation at the National Archives, displays a range of images of high quality reproductions of historical seals. You can even buy one if you like.

Seals From the National Archives, London, a short pamphlet on the history, use and conservation of seals. Images of around 2500 seals from the National Archives are now online and can be found through searching the catalogue.

The Portable Antiquities Scheme This is a voluntary scheme to record archaeological finds found by members of the public in England and Wales, presented in database format with excellent photographs. It is amazing how many medieval folks lost their seal matrices in muddy fields.

Société Française d'Heraldique et de Sigillographie This is a minimal, and apparently under construction, French language site on heraldry and sigillography. There are some fine illustrations of seals.

College of Arms The official source for English heraldry, this site is a little sparse, but does tell you how to get heraldic objects, such as seals, identified.

The Heraldry Society This site provides a little information and basic FAQs, and provides some important links for genealogy and heraldry.

Heraldry The site of an enthusiast who has sections on civic heraldry in France; texts, translations and modern reproductions of the arms in early rolls of arms; a glossary and other miscellanea.

Early Blazon A bilingual French/English site with various arms from France, England, the German Empire and Aragon through the period of the Crusades. It includes genealogies of coats of arms and a page of heraldry links.

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