Religious Literature

ARTFL Project: Multi-lingual Bible If you need to identify a section from the Vulgate Bible, or need a quick crib for your transcription from it, you can find it here in this text searchable version.

Vulgate (Latin Bible) Index Alternatively, if you prefer a plain text version of the Vulgate Bible, try here.

Douay-Rheims Latin Vulgate Bible Another plain text version with a simple text search. Be aware that this site is produced by a group of people on a mission, which is to recognise a particular English translation of the Bible as the only true English version for reasons which seem to lack some rigour and logic. You can also sign up here to have the Latin mass restored if you wish.

Ancient Versions of the Bible This links page within a fascinating site on the history of the Bible points to various texts of the Latin Vulgate.

Bible Gateway Mulitiple versions of the Bible in many languages, old and new.

The Old Catholic Church of America Liturgy Resources This site provides parallel texts of The English Missal with the Latin Missale Romanum.

Gregofacsimil A French language site dedicated to Gregorian chant and texts of some of the lesser known offices, with links to medieval music web sites.

Cantus Planus There are many resources and external links on this site devoted to Gregorian chant and the liturgy.

Glenn Gunhouse's Home Page A multifacetted resource which contains, among other things, a hypertext Book of Hours, and a calendar of saints' days. The parallel text Latin/English psalter is no longer online at this site for unexplained technical reasons.

Rosary Bay Parallel Latin-English Psalter This site has a parallel text Latin-English psalter with the addition of audio files for the Latin. The English version is the Douay Rheims version, which its protagonists claim is the most accurate translation from the Vulgate.

Thesaurus Precum Latinarum: Treasury of Latin Prayers Texts of a large series of Latin prayers, from earliest Christian times to modern.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library A massive compendium of Christian works in the public domain. The Early Church Fathers section contains a huge collection of writings from the first 800 years of the church. Some files are available in downloadable formats. If you have been having trouble accessing this site, the technical difficulties are now fixed.

Early Christian Writings Another site with links to a large number of Early Christian texts and secondary discussions.

Guide to Early Church Documents A link page to primary source material of writings on the early Christian church.

The Ecole Initiative This multifacetted site on the early (and medieval) Christian church contains many texts of medieval Christian writings, among other resources. It is no longer being updated, but there are many useful materials archived here.

Interfaith Large collections of works from various religious traditions.

Wesley Center Online Numerous Christian works.

The Gnosis Archive For those little heretical treasures.

Medieval Liturgy Resources for the study if medieval litrugy on the web.

The Order of Saint Benedict This site contains an excellent list of links to liturgical texts in the liturgy section, as well as much useful background material.

Archivum Liturgicum Sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae An archive of Latin liturgical works, with information on their history. This is no longer alive on the web, but its ghost may be found in the Internet Archive, as linked here.

Patrologia Latina Database This is an electronic edition of the first edition of Migne's epic collection of early Latin religious literature. It is subscription only, so you need to be using it a lot, or have access through a library with an institutional subscription.

The Franciscan Archive This contains texts of literary and theological works of Franciscan significance, either provided on their own server or linked externally, as well as texts of legal documents pertaining to Franciscan history, digital displays of art works and a selection of articles. The works of early Christian Latin writers in database format, with searchable text, with textsdrawn from original manuscripts ie. not compiled and edited edotions.


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