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Sexy Codicology This is the current uber meta site of the medieval internet, and growing bigger and better every day. There are no digital facsimile collections on this site as such, but it can show you where they all are. It is actually a set of sites. I have started with the blog, as it gets you into the system. There is a map where you can locate collections of digital facsimiles from all over the world, there are collections of Tumblr, Flickr and Pinterest and a Facebook site, and just so we know what is going on, a Twitter feed.

The Medieval Scriptorium A nicely produced blog with various news items relating to the study of medieval manuscripts, including book reviews and news items from museums and galleries, as well as links to other relevant sites.

Intute - Manuscript Studies A blog with links to sites in the area of manuscript studies, part of a much larger collection of study sites from Britain. This site is no longer being updated and will eventually go offline.

PECIA: Le manuscrit médiéval - The medieval manuscript A classy blog, mainly in French but with some segments in English, devoted to resources on medieval manuscripts. There are many good links contained within it.

Medieval Manuscripts on the Web From the University of British Columbia, a long single page list of sites which show digital facsimiles of medieval manuscripts.

Manuscript Images and History of Writing A substantial links page, with sections on calligraphy as well as to historical sites. This is a German language link site. The sites listed are in various languages. There is a section on manuscripts, paleography and codicology.

Texts, Manuscripts and Paleography Links And more links.

The Labyrinth once got you to most medieval sites of value on the web, but it seems to have lapsed as its authors have moved on to new projects. It has changed to blog format, but in most unbloglike manner, the links do not appear to be updated. Must be a story here, but I think The Labyrinth is becoming part of web history.

NetSERF - Manuscript Illumination An elegant link page to a small selection of manuscript illumination sites, but NetSERF seems to have forgotten that manuscripts were also written on. Seems to have become another abandoned bit of internet flotsam.

Ménestrel A French language medieval link site with various relevant sections, including paleography and manuscript illumination. A comprehensive portal site.

Chaucer Metapage A page of links to various Chaucer related resources.

Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web The Smithsonian Institute Libraries host this database of online exhibitions relating to libraries and archives.

Legal Research links - Legal History - Middle Ages From a resource site for lawyers in Queensland, this section provides links to an assortment of medieval legal texts online. Perhaps lawyers are one of the few professional groups who understand their debt to medieval history!

Midrealm Order of the Laurel: Links: Scribal Arts I tend to have a bit of an allergy to the Society for Creative Anachronisms, but this is a very good database style link page with an array of interesting links. Just give the biffings and banquets a miss!

Manuscripts, Manuscript Collections, Rare Books A purely link site with a substantial list, including all the usual suspects and perhaps a few different ones.

Heraldry on the Internet A set of links to information on heraldry. It does not include the College of Arms site and does carry advertising for downloads of your "family" coat of arms - a big no-no with the College of Arms themselves. Use with discretion.

The Medieval Science Page A link page that might just get you started on this fascinating and undervalued topic. Yes, they did have science in those days. Has not been updated in a decade or so.

Consulting Medieval Manuscripts Online A long list from TennesseeBob, this time under his more formal name, with links to complete medieval manuscripts online.

Medieval Drama Links A large list with links to a range of topics associated with medieval drama, including texts, articles and bibliographies, news, discussion groups, drama production, art, music and dance. It is part of a site which sells paper ephemera, including theatre playbills, so the owner must be a medieval enthusiast.

Old English Links This has links to a range of utility resources for the study of medieval English language material, but it may be a bit out of date in parts.

Medieval Resources Online - An Annotated List From the Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds, a substantial list divided by topics.

Manuscripts Online A portal site to manuscript resources in Britain 1000 - 1500.

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