Introductory and Background Resources A site with general news, articles, resources and information for those interested in the middle ages.

Traveling Scriptorium - A Teaching Kit by the Yale University Library Assorted articles and reources on paleography, inks, bookbindings etc.

Quill: Books before Print A tour through the making of the medieval manuscript by new media gurus of the medieval manuscript, Erik Kwakkel and Giulio Menna (the Sexy Codicology guy).

The Medieval Scriptorium A nicely produced blog with various news items relating to the study of medieval manuscripts, including book reviews and news items from museums and galleries, as well as links to other relevant sites.

PECIA: Le manuscrit médiéval - The medieval manuscript A classy blog, mainly in French but with some segments in English, devoted to resources on medieval manuscripts. There are many good links contained within it.

Medieval Manuscript Manual A Hungarian site, in English, on the production, typology and function of medieval books, with some nice illustrations. Definitely worth a look.

ORB Online Encyclopedia - Manuscript Books Basically a plain text file with a scholarly introduction to the history and structure of medieval manuscript books.

A Brief History of Scriptoria and the evolution of the book A very concise plain text page which introduces some technical terms.

What is Palaeography? Plain text version of an essay by gun paleographer Julian Brown, part of a site on manuscript records of 16th century America and Spain.

Medieval Calligraphy A site developed for a class project at Harvard, with some basic introductory material on medieval handwriting. As this was produced in 1997, the design is pretty basic and many of the external links no longer function. Such is the ephemeral nature of the 90s web!

The Fitzwilliam Museum: The Cambridge Illuminations This virtual exhibition contains a multimedia segment using Flash on how manuscripts were made. Notably, it works brilliantly on a standard modem over a rural phone line. Hey, it can be done! (Flash player needed.)

The Making of a Medieval Book A brief exhibition page from the Getty Museum, including short videos on aspects of book production (RealPlayer needed).

Catholic Encyclopedia A handy first reference point for anything to do with the Catholic church or religion.

Bible Research A comprehensive site on the formation of the Biblical canon and the histories of texts, containing a broad spread of brief articles and extensive bibliographies.

Glenn Gunhouse's Home Page A multifacetted resource which contains, among other things, a hypertext Book of Hours, and a calendar of saints' days.

A Few Minutes on the Book of Hours An essay on the structure of the book of hours, with some graphic images of pages.

Center for Håndskriftstudier; Danmark A collection of notes on books of hours in Danish collections, in English. There are no illustrations, but there is a tutorial on the structure of the book of hours.

Hand Bookbindings From Princeton University Library, an online exhibition derived from a real one held at the library in 2002/2003, from medieval to modern handmade bookbindings. The navigation is what the author of Web Pages That Suck calls "mystery meat" where you have to click on mysterious little pictures to find our what you are linking to, but there are some nice medieval examples if you mouse around.

Gallica From the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, this calls itself an "encyclopaedic digital heritage library". It includes presentations of French culture under various themes, including a history of the book. There are various topics involving medieval manuscripts.

Some Notes on Medieval English Genealogy This is a very useful plain English guide and resource site for the investigation of medieval English documents. Their section on dating and chronology provides a good basic guide and links to online resources of the sort which were once buried away in archives and esoteric publications. Not just for genealogists.

GENUKI - UK & Ireland Genealogy An extensive listing of web resources for genealogists and others working in practical history.

Burke's Peerage and Gentry For those seeking information on upmarket ancestors, full database searches and some articles are available with a subscription, but these can be for as little as 72 hours. There is also some free content.

Old English Libraries: The Making, Collection, and Use of Books An e-book by Ernest A. Savage published in 1911. This edition is provided by Project Gutenberg.

The Ecole Initiative Badging itself as an encyclopaedia of the early Christian church, including the medieval era, this site has many visual and written resources. The external links have been removed as it is no longer being updated, but the material on the site itself is of great value.

The Medieval Bestiary An index of bestiary animals with images from manuscripts and literary sources for the text. There is a list of bestiary manuscripts with links to catalogue entries, some sample images and listings of printed and digital editions.

Regesta Imperii For those whose passion is Germanic history, the full text of this mighty historical compilation on the German monarchy from Merovingian times to the 16th century is accessible. There is also a database of bibliographical material.

Records of Early English Drama This is a comprehensive web site from the University of Toronto on dramas such as the mystery plays, including texts of the plays. Also produced by this group is the site Patrons and Performances, a database of information on touring companies, their patrons and their itineraries. It includes images of performance venues, maps and other visual resources. An intriguing new concept.

Medieval Theatre Database This is part of a larger site on theatre, and appears to be a series of reprinted elderly articles on aspects of medieval theatre, somewhat spoiled by excessive and annoying ads.

Medieval Imaginations: literature and visual culture in the middle ages A database of images from medieval works of art which illustrate episodes from the Mystery Plays.

Nota Quadrata From the University of Toronto, a project devoted to musical notation in the late middle ages. This is a web store for CDs of liturgical music, but contains some good information pages, as well as sound samples.

Gregofacsimil A French language site dedicated to Gregorian chant, including texts of some of the lesser known offices, and including links to external sites with digital facsimiles of medieval music manuscripts.

Cantus Planus There are many resources and external links on this site devoted to Gregorian chant and the liturgy.

The Order of Saint Benedict This big resource contains loads of information on all things Benedictine, including the church calendar, Rule of St Benedict, liturgy and many links to outside resources including liturgical texts.

Patron Saints Index An exceedingly useful resource with profiles of various patron saints, a calendar with a large selection of saints and image galleries. Very handy for finding out about some of those odd saints in the medieval calendars.

Book of Days A brief and spare site with a listing of saints' and feast days of the church.

Researching Historic Buildings in the British Isles This resource rich site on architectural history might seem at first glance to have little to do with medieval writing, but there is a great deal of information on primary source material in manuscript form, such as surveys, rentals, wills and other archived documents.

Early Insular Manuscripts: Merging of Oral and Literate Culture An essay by Elizabeth Howie of the University of North Carolina, with discussion and some small pictures of a number of important early Celtic manuscripts.

Orbis Latinus A somewhat grungy looking site, in a building phase and inviting contributions from readers, on the grammar of romance languages and their history, including medieval Latin.

Gode Cookery For those who would like to whip up a medieval feast, and learn a great deal about medieval cookery, with a bit more help than you get from the direct transcriptions of those rather difficult medieval recipe books, you can spend many happy hours here.

Medieval Food From, a set of articles, videos and links covering aspects of medieval food other than just the feasting tradition.

Medieval Technology Pages Links and information about medieval technology, although it has not been updated for some time.

The Medieval Science Page Largely a list of links on this interesting topic, and unfortunately not updated in a long time.

The Alchemy Web Site A comprehensive web site on this subject, and includes a Database of Alchemical Manuscripts.

HEL Timeline: The Development of English From Slippery Rock University, an annotated and referenced timeline of significant events in the development of the English language.

Dirty Books A fascinating peek at some lateral thinking, in which an art historian has examined how people have used their medieval books of hours by measuring how much muck they have left from their fingers on the pages.

Babelstone A blog about various miscellaneous topics related to epigraphy, with a number of articles about ogham stones. Look them up in the blog index, or else be distracted by the various other mysteries described here.

Omniglot If you want to know where our little corner of the written world fits into the whole global scheme of writing systems, this excellent, neat and clear site provides an introduction to all forms of writing systems; past, present and imaginary. It includes bibliographies and web links, as well as a Puzzles sections where users can send pictures of mysterious written objects for decoding by other users.


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