New York Carver - Scriptorium This is a glossary of manuscript terms, a bit different to the one on this website, so if you can't find it here, try there. While you are visiting, have an explore around this splendid site. It is mainly about architecture and sculpture, but you never know quite what you might find of medieval interest.

ORB Guide to Medieval Terms A very useful general glossary containing a good selection of technical legal terms.

NetSERF's Hypertext Medieval Glossary Also a good general glossary, perhaps not quite as comprehensive as the previous, but with various cross linkages from words in the definition.

Medieval Resources A series of plain text glossaries divided into various medieval topics.

Medieval English Towns - Glossary This contains a limited list of terms, mainly relating to town life and the legalities thereof, but the explanations of terms are lengthy and crosslinked. A good specialised glossary.

Legal Terms in Land Records A simple glossary of legal terms associated with land tenure - very useful for decoding charters.

Glossary of Obscure Terms Love the title. As it is part of a Cambridge University site on the records of an English village, Earls Colne from 1375 to 1854, I guess you will find lots of strange legal terms relating to land tenure, law and order and the like.

ORB Medieval Music Glossary A plain text glossary of specialised interest.

Medieval Drama Glossary A very brief glossary, mainly of religious terms relating to the Mystery Plays.

Glossary of Medieval Art and Architecture An excellent specialised glossary, illustrated and crosslinked. The sound files that attempt to teach you to pronounce the words seem a little flaky but the little graphics are great.

Hemyock Castle: Feudal, Medieval and Castle Terms A good basic glossary of general medieval terms, and if you mouse around the general site, you can book accommodation at the castle. Isn't the web amazing?

Hemyock Castle: Glossary of Ancient Weights and Measures From the same source as the above, if our section on weights and measures here has left you totally bamboozled.

Glossary of Medieval Cooking Terms From the best medieval culinary site on the web, a glossary to help you decode those strange medieval recipes, with full referencing.

Glossary of Medieval and Renaissance Culinary Terms If you still can't find that obscure term in a recipe, you could try here.

Medieval Church Glossary Our very own foray into the wonders of medieval words, covering a broad spectrum of words used in relation to the medieval church.

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