General Medieval Literature

ORB - On-Line Text Materials for Medieval Studies All sorts of links to primary source materials can be found here, mostly segments rather than complete texts.

Medieval Sourcebook All manner of out of copyright or out of print medieval material may be found here, based on published material and translations, primary and secondary sources.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library Many literary texts online, lots of famous stuff.

The Latin Library A large selection of Classical and medieval Christian Latin texts in plain text versions.

In Parentheses A series of medieval and other texts, and some works of academic commentary, available for download as PDF files. The list includes some interesting regional texts, rather than all the usual blockbuster epics.

Carrie. An Electronic Library This is a big, clunky library of texts online, covering all periods, but you might get lucky looking for something in particular. It has migrated to Italy, but once relocated, is still available for our edification.

Project Gutenberg This is one of the true web survivors, starting life in the early days with lists of plain text files, I think as a gopher site (If anyone else can remember back that far). It is now jazzed up with new search facilities and file formats suitable for the various modern gizmos. You might find just about any old work of literature here.

Electronic Text Collections - Hanover College This is essentially a link site to external collections, as well as to texts housed on their own server. It is broad in chronological and geographical scope.

Centre d'Études des Textes Médiévaux From the University of Rennes, this French language site contains a selection of texts in several categories, including Breton Arthurian works, knowledge and science, and medieval theatre.

Editions électroniques de l'Ecole des chartes A large set of electronic publications and projects, many of which are editions of fascinating manuscript material of a range of types. You just have to look.


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