English Vernacular Literature

The Voice of the Shuttle, English Literature Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Links to a range of works of medieval literature online.

Robbins Library Digital Projects This provides a set of Middle English texts, useful bibliographies, and some fascinating literary web projects, including The Camelot Project and The Robin Hood Project.

Middle English Compendium A corpus of Middle English prose and verse online, in the form of a text searchable database containing a large range of medieval texts. Very useful if You are trying to identify some text rather than just look up a title. There is also an associated bibliography and Middle English dictionary. It includes an anthology of chancery English, taken from medieval English chancery documents.

Luminarium: Anthology of Middle English Literature (1350-1485) Links to electronic editions of various Middle English works, as well as some essays and contextual material. This includes Middle English Lyrics a site with texts of English lyric poems and images from manuscripts. There are also links to other sites with texts.

The Geoffrey Chaucer Website Chaucer's works in Middle English and modern English, other authors, contextual material, social history and linguistics.

Geoffrey Chaucer Online: The Electronic Canterbury Tales A meta site with texts and links to other resources.

The Wanderer This is an edition of an Anglo-Saxon poem from The Exeter Book with page facsimiles, a running transcription in a separate frame, glossary and translation. Very tricky stuff and indispensable for anyone into Old English paleography (not to mention poetry!).

Beowulf in Hypertext From McMaster University, the most famous of Anglo-Saxon poems.

Wessex Parallel Web Texts Scholarly but accessible electronic editions, especially of medieval English lyric poems, and translations of longer Middle English works. Academic editions have finally escaped "default font on white background" mode and are presented in a well organised and designed site.

Sermo Lupi ad Anglos The Biblioteca Augustana edition, with transcriptions from three manuscript texts of the Sermon of the Wolf to the English, a significant 11th century English text. There is also a link to translations of Wulfstan's Homilies.

Texts on Music in English A set of plain vanilla text files of writings in English on the subject of music theory and aesthetics from the middle ages to the 17th century.

Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book This is an electronic edition of a book by Paull F. Baum, now in the public domain in the United States. If the copyright laws in your country are more stringent than those of the US, close your eyes as you click on the link.

British Literature Timeline: Old English through Early Modern Periods From Slippery Rock University, an annotated and referenced timeline for significant works of English literature.

Database of Middle English Romance From the University of York, everything you need to know about said subject, including the location of manuscripts, printed editions and translations, and quick plot summaries if you need to cheat.

Anglo-Saxon Poetry Texts of Anglo-Saxon narrative poetry in verse translation. 44% of extant Old English poetry can be found here in plain text versions.


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