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ORB - On-Line Text Materials for Medieval Studies All sorts of links to primary source materials can be found here, although external links from this site are no longer being maintained.

Eurodocs A link page to a range of transcribed primary historical source materials from Western Europe, now also with links to digital facsimile sites. It continues to grow and develop..

Medieval Sourcebook All manner of out of copyright or out of print medieval material may be found here, based on published material and translations, primary and secondary sources.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle appears in various editions and version on the web. There is a compilation version from the Everyman Edition of 1912. You could also try the Project Gutenberg version or the Yale Law School version.

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School: Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Documents This has English language text versions of a range of significant medieval legal documents.

English Legal History Materials This is a fairly ugly plain text website, but it has translations and commentary for some highly significant medieval legal documents.

Anglo-Saxon Charters and Kemble: the Anglo-Saxon Charters Website both give access to a range of material on all known Anglo-Saxon charters.

Diplomatarium Anglicum Aevi Saxonici This is a digitised Google book by Benjamin Thorpe from 1865 which contains texts of charters, wills, guilds, manumissions and acquitances, with translations from the Anglo-Saxon. Don't be scared of the ponderous 19th century style academic Latin title. Just Google the title under Books.

Medieval Source Material on the Internet: Probate records A set of links to sites dealing with medieval wills. This is a rapidly growing area on the web and there are now numerous sites where you can do actual research online with full text searches.

Fifty Earliest English Wills The Early English Text Society edition in electronic form. If you cannot get it by the direct link because they have changed the database again, go to the parent site Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse and type the title in the search box.

Medieval Manuscripts of Canon Law and Roman Law A list of links to a large range of resources on this subject, as well as links to general manuscript sites.

English Monastic Archives This site "seeks to reconstruct the archive of every English monastery, and thereby to elucidate the origins of record-keeping in England". It is intended to publish the results in printed form as well as online, linked to ARCHON, based at the National Archives. This is an ambitious project, but it continues to grow. However, there seem to be some problems in getting the whole thing to work properly.

Medieval Diplomatic and the "Ars Dictandi" Texts and translations, with scholarly footnotes, of a large set of texts, all relating to the ars dictandi, or art of writing legal documents. There is also a small number of literary texts, and a collection of model letters. An esoteric resource available at the click of a mouse.

History in Deed: Medieval Society and the Law in England, 1100-1600 This site accompanies an exhibition of a collection of charters that was literally discovered in dusty boxes in Harvard Law School in 1988. There is an excellent introduction on charters and their function, as well as detailed descriptions and explanations of the exhibits, but no photographs.

The Middle English Collection From the Electronic Text Centre, University of Virginia, a large selection of medieval literary texts, as well as An Anthology of Chancery English, a collection of the texts of a large number of chancery documents in English.

English Medieval Legal Documents AD 600 - AD 1535: A Compilation of Published Sources This site aims to provide bibliographical material for published works, as well as links to online resources including major text and image collections, for English medieval legal documents. There is some introductory explanatory material in the various sections, and links to Wikipedia entries (which I presume they have vetted thoroughly).

Editions électroniques de l'Ecole des chartes A large set of electronic publications and projects, many of which are editions of fascinating manuscript material of a range of types, including some things otherwise difficult to find on the web, such as cartularies, formularies and all sorts of wondrous things.

Epistolae: Medieval Women's Letters Texts and translations of 946 Latin letters to or from women from the 4th to the 13th centuries, with notes on sources and biographies, from Columbia University.

Cartae Cluniacenses Electronicae This contains texts of the charters of the monastery of Cluny in a rather fiddly database format designed for detailed research on diplomatic. There are facsimiles of two charters available.

Chartae Burgundiae Medii Aevi This is a database of texts of charters from monasteries in Burgundy. There are also several digital facsimiles of cartulary manuscripts. This is a French language site but an English version is forthcoming. An official UK government site which contains the text of all statutes from the Statute of Marlborough of 1267 onward to the present. To view the medieval material, search by date range.

Early English Laws A project to publish online and in print new editions and translations of all English legal codes, edicts and treatises produced up to the time of Magna Carta in 1215. It now also includes an extensive list of digital facsimiles of manuscript documents.

The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England This site contains an article on the Parliament Rolls, references old and new printed editions of the same, and offers a CD-ROM of the latest edition, including digital images from the rolls. From the Russell Hope Robbins Library at the University of Rochester.

Chartes originales (1121 - 1220) conservée en France Work in progress on database of charters in France, with catalogue information and transcript of each one, but ni images.


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