Individual Authors or Works

The Decameron Web Full Italian and English versions of Boccacio's Decameron, linked to a range of contextual material on history and social conditions.

The Geoffrey Chaucer Website Chaucer's works in Middle English and modern English, other authors, contextual material, social history and linguistics. Has been around for many years and still stands up well.

Geoffrey Chaucer Online: The Electronic Canterbury Tales A meta site with texts and links to other resources.

Digital Dante Full texts, contextual material, art works and links to many other Dante sites.

Mapping Margery Kempe The complete text of Margery Kempe's work set in a spatial, historical and architectural context.

The Electronic Grosseteste A site dedicated to providing electronic access to the Latin works of Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253) in printed text versions. It is still under construction.

Hildegard of Bingen Basically a link page, but to a range of materials associated with the life and work of Hildegard of Bingen. Hildegard now has her own domain name.

The Wanderer This is an edition of an Anglo-Saxon poem from the Exeter Book with page facsimiles, a running transcription in a separate frame, glossary and translation.

Beowulf in Hypertext From McMaster University, the most famous of Anglo-Saxon poems.

Sermo Lupi ad Anglos The Biblioteca Augustana edition, with transcriptions from three manuscript texts of the Sermon of the Wolf to the English, a significant 11th century English text. There is also a link to translations of Wulfstan's Homilies.

Chronicles of Froissart The most complete version of Froissart that I have so far managed to find on the web, from the Macauley version of 1924, derived and reduced from the 16th century Bourchier version.

Le CHIENNET Manuscript images, transcriptions with various annotations and modern translations of a 14th century manuscript La Châtelaine de Vergi. This is no longer apparently available on the live web, but we have pulled it up here from The Internet Archive.

The Augsburg Web Edition of Llull's Electoral Writings Facsimiles, transcriptions and translations of the writings of Ramon Llull (1232-1316) on electoral systems. Paleography meets ecclesiastical politics meets maths! You will need a high-res screen to display the multiple frames.

Cantilene de St Eulalie A little interactive site showing an early French poem, from a manuscript in the Valenciennes Bibliothèque. They keep changing the URL so Heaven knows how long you will be able to find it here.

The Romaunt of the Rose This site provides an English translation of the famous French poem, possibly by Geoffrey Chaucer, as a pilot project from Glasgow University Library.

The Princeton Charrette Project and The Charrette Project 2 are evidently now two manifestations of the same project, containing linked transcriptions of multiple versions of Chrétien de Troye's Le Chevalier de la Charrette, with some large scans of manuscript pages.

The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive Another linked multivariant set of texts, with a sample of some facsimiles of various manuscripts. Apparently much unfinished.

Le Roman de la Rose From Johns Hopkins University and the Bibliothèque nationale de France, a a huge meta project on all known manuscripts of this work, with library reference material, commentary and digital facsimiles.

Richard Rufus of Cornwall This project from Stanford aims to present the life, works and manuscript editions of said Richard. If you don't know who he was, just go to the site and find out.

The Planctus for William Longsword Five manuscript editions of this Norman poem are compared, with digital facsimiles for two of them.

Saxo Grammaticus If you are very, very scholarly and also colourblind you may be able to use this genuinely medieval medieval Latin dictionary, with Latin instructions, on a canary yellow background. Donovan meets Bede.

Ælfric's Homilies on Judith, Esther and the Maccabees An academic edition of this Anglo-Saxon translation of the said Biblical works, from various surviving manuscripts and published editions, with discussions of various topics and themes. The actual texts are in pdf format. (Acrobat reader required.)

Bracton Online From Harvard Law School Library, a complete text and translation of a major 13th century law text, a treatise on the common law with many citations of case law. It can be viewed in a complicated frame structure simultaneously showing transcription, translation and footnotes, or the individual files can be viewed separately.

The Internet Guide to Master Peter Lombard This site contains links to biographies, articles, database resources and the texts of other Latin commentators on the works of Peter Lombard. There is also an English translation of a part of the famous Book of Sentences, purporting to be the only translation in captivity.

Getijdenboek Geert Grote An online edition of the N. van Wijk printed edition of this famous Dutch language book of hours, derived from several manuscript editions. It is part of a larger website of Dutch literary texts.

Isidore of Seville, Chronicon This English translation from the Patrologia Latina by Kenneth B. Wolf is the only translated edition I have so far discovered of any of the many works of the unofficial patron saint of the Internet.

LacusCurtius: Isidore of Seville However, if you can take your Latin straight, this site provides the complete Latin text of his most famous work Etymologiae.

Corpus Thomisticum Texts of the complete works of Thomas Aquinas.


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