Item six is another compilation, this time of religious material that was given to him by Percival Robsart, who perhaps thought that his soul needed improving. It is in this category that we might surmise that he could have had a Latin book or two; probably a book of hours, maybe a mass book, but they are not listed here as these are English books, so we will never know what he had in that department. The joys of historical evidence. You can never find out all the things you want to know.

The next two items are Classical works by Tully, or Cicero, in translation, one of which he lauds for its clarity and the other he has lent to William Worcester. The next is a book on The Policy of In... , whatever that might be; nobody seems to be guessing. Then an allegorical work on Sapiencia - very improving. Then a book de Othea with text and gloss, presumably an English version of the work by Christine de Pisan also known as The Boke of Knyghthode, which would fit in nicely with the next section. All these works are listed as being in quires, so presumably unbound. Sir John was evidently a man who kept his books for reading, not as library furniture.

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List of English Books, 1475-79 (British Library, add. ms. 43491, f.26), by permission of the British Library.
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